Doomley (EUW)
: smurfing is not bannable. also it doesn't ruin new players games because the system recognizes a smurf during the early leveling and then places it with other smurfs. Even though it can be frustrating to play against smurfs, you can learn faster by watching them and the leveling process is not actually even the important part about league. The important things are at level 30.
ye well, I was just wondering, im 30 myself and silver 1, but I see so many youtubers making plays with their smurfs, and I think its kind of unfair, like the dude is dia+ and plays against bronze or silvers, for example Hi im gosu, most of his content is from his smurf accounts, and in some games, they dont seem to focus him at all, just running straight into him like they were giving free kills xd
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GPet (EUW)
: I played Vi in a very tanky way usually (Cinderhulk-Titanic). But I don't have too much fun doing that often, sometimes it's nice for mixing up (I love picking Galio when the enemy Team allows for it), but in the end I'm a mage Player, and assassisn still are what gets closest to it. (mainly I just Need to learn assassins to know how to play against them)
aight, good luck.
GPet (EUW)
: I don't like making people upset, it makes me sad. :( But as the whole attitude in thise Group I Play iwth is not focused on winning, I'm able to to Play this Champions I still ned practice on. :3 I might also be that I just can't Play melee Champions, the same applies when I try most assassins, those are a weird class. If I had more experience with them I might have an easier time getting into Yasuo.
maybe play a tank?
GPet (EUW)
: > but its mostly the bad ones who ruined ur game that u remember. Heard this a bit, and I can feel you. I personally couldn't connect a certain player behavoir with a certain champion. See all of 'em be mean. :s But there always are nice ones too!
yeah, well im playing in eune, the home server of all the kids and toxic people, so yeah I honestly do bealive that there are alot more toxic people on this server than non toxic.
GPet (EUW)
: Nownow, I think this is a bit of a misunderstanding. x3 No harm done, and I can see where Lynx is coming from, mainly due to me not providing the information he needs to know so he assume what is most generaly assumed. Which I can't blame 'em for. :s
yeah well, sorry I have a really negative way of thinking about Yasuo players, either im dumb, or I just cant count the amount of times I have seen a Yasuo main, who has ruined the game, and he still went on about how %%%%%%ed his team are, doesn't matter if it's in my team or enemy team, the Yasuo main is always toxic, even when he ends up getting one kill he shows that mastery level 7, the thing is, I would hate Urgot mains, if they were as toxic and seen as many times, but he isn't, I also get why Yasuo is so popular, and its sad that people keep trying, and trying, with a champion that they think fits their playstyle but it doesnt, and that they most of the time have shitty decision making, for example, they end up 0/3 ok, not too bad, but instead of farming, and waiting for ganks, they keep fighting, and keep dying all the time, until they flame jungler, they cant farm, all they want is that adrenaline rush after they have made a play, and they have 0 knowledge of the thing called damage output, they somehow think they can get penta 1v5 even when they are literally behind in everything, exp, gold, kills, now, I dont mean to stereotype every yasuo player, I have seen good ones, but its mostly the bad ones who ruined ur game that u remember.
GPet (EUW)
: Those people I play Yasuo with mainly are just happy that I have more Impact than my old Anivia jungle these days... winning much never was an option when they invited me, but they know that. ;)
well atleast ur full premade team.
: What is your problem? He just wants to learn a new champion and you keep demotivating him with: "you'll feed and play bad". nobody plays the champion perfectly in the first try. He only plays them in normal premade games. And WOW youre such a good player because you win with Yasuo and have no negative games. You must be challenger for sure.
what my problem is? I literally HATE Yasuo mains, who plays him for what it is, doesnt matter if he goes 0/20 and end up intentionally feeding anyways, because he plays his damn Yasuo, I never said im good, im just saying, for champions that fit u, u shouldnt end up with those stats, if u like it alot, u end up good with it, since it fits ur playstyle, I never said im a good player, nor that I have no negative games, never said that im a challenger, all I said is, atleast for me, the champions that I like, are the ones that I play good with, the ones im bad as? I dont play 'em. End of story.
: > [{quoted}](name=C9 LynX,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Nf6L82fm,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-01-23T07:29:10.388+0000) > > I really hope u go %%% if ur serious, in this post u really showed this community a true mastery level 7 yasuo main, who will feed and feed and feed, and flame their team, u know, confidence is good, but not in overflow, and especially not when u bealive so much that u will learn yasuo, u either do good with him from the beginning, or u suck. Don't play him because he has outplay potentional please, go play Yi or Annie please Dude he is just fooling around. He is a Diamond player. You don't get to Diamond by feeding.
ye, just realized that, anyways Singed420 did it :)
GPet (EUW)
: But noone will do godo on him in the beginning. :c It was the same with Ryze, I did rly bad the first games, but now I'm doing okayish with him and will do good soon! \o/ Once I do reach mastery 7 with Yasuo I'll have stopped being bad though, because at that Point I'll have enough expereince to do decents. I even had a few games where I didn't feed lately, so it already is getting better! (Edit: I did Play Annie in the past, but with Yi it always was the same when I tried him, I needed more practice. :( )
I did good with him in the beginning, most of my games have been me carrying, with positive stats, and wrecking the enemies, I bealive im soon level 5 with yasuo soon, and only one game went total shit, yet I dont main him, because I dont see a reason as to why I would, he dont match the requirements, altho he is fun sometimes. anyways good luck, just telling u this, u will be the "noob yasuo feeder" for a very long time, u will not give up, which is sad, because ur teammates will lose more games because of you, than u will win :/
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Hai shouldn't stay as a pro, there's way better than him in young players I think.
ye, he used to be very good, but I think the other players just have sort of catched up on him, and now delivers more.
Jujoma (EUNE)
May I just ask, what's up with you and nano bots, and stuff eating you from the inside? :O
: Camille, a biiger cancer than yasuo.
Yeah, why cant u flash it, I never understood, its like a full morgana or leona combo, except u can move, and u take more damage, and u cant QSS it.
GPet (EUW)
: I'll be the best Yasuo! \o/
I really hope u go %%% if ur serious, in this post u really showed this community a true mastery level 7 yasuo main, who will feed and feed and feed, and flame their team, u know, confidence is good, but not in overflow, and especially not when u bealive so much that u will learn yasuo, u either do good with him from the beginning, or u suck. Don't play him because he has outplay potentional please, go play Yi or Annie please
: minions farm or champion farm
if u end up behind, u wont be able to kill them anyways, so rather farm instead, also it helps u get build faster, if enemy is playing safe, u cant kill him, now if u win him early, but because he is playing safe and somehow manages to farm more than u, he might come back winning u instead.
illsagora (EUNE)
: I love the banana goat :(
well, pardon me, I honestly did not know there are people who intentionally want to sleep half of the game, like u were afk, then %%%%in an entire team up because they gotta focus u
: I noticed this as well and i thought it was pretty funny xD Apparently the Shop thinks Lissandra is evil enough to dual wield two evil magic books?
or she is stupid, so they think reading 2 books is always a good thing to do!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Nilegru (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=C9 LynX,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2kEE2p01,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-01-20T07:43:33.991+0000) > > I have a problem with being a OTP, since I get bored easily This ! I feel exactly the same ! I do have mains , and i have tried being a OTP , it works and it got me out of bronze in s5 , i had like 200-300 games as Hecarim. I have a few strong mains Azir 240k mpoints, Ekko 150k, Kha 130k, heca ?k mp, Ryze 80k mp and the list goes on. The problem i think i have is not realy mechaniks or laning , but shot calling when to roam / push + mid game when laning ends ( that moment when everyone is walking around the map not knowing what to do), end game is pretty straight forward edit; Would maybe maining support for a while help me with the shot calling and mid game understanding ? I believe that mid game is the supports time to shine when the _wild team fights appear_ and vision control gets a bigger role in the game
ye well, I like to play a tank, since they are the ones with sustain for a teamfight, oyour team dont wanna go solo fighting or not waiting for me, since I do the tanking. Altho I like to switch lanes and champs pretty often, I still go back to a few champions, tbh it annoys me that I cant play most champions more than a few games a row...
: True, OTP'ing in low elo is hard so I can't help him on that1
ye, well, I dont suggest OTP since u dont want that guy on the team who instantly says "Dont ban Riven", and even if he gets autofilled supp, he says he cant play anything else than riven, so he locks riven and ur just there praying for the toplaner to go support, or swap lanes
TeeTohr (EUW)
: This burn was so smooth it could have been a **smoothie**, it was like an **incarnation** from hell, it seems like it had a lot of **impact** but don't worry, if you don't feel nice, be **sneaky** and hide somewhere to play.
Sneaky is the only member left from the old c9 team, so I guess he doesnt hide. tbh idk what C9 even did, first Hai stays as a midlaner, then he goes jungle, then supp, and then he quit... says alot about the support role huh.
TeeTohr (EUW)
: New players have a set champion rotation that is different for them so they can try more champions and especially one's that are "easier" to play so they can focus on learning the game as well. This IP "problem" is here for a purpose, if all champions and runes were less costy, less people would buy RP for the EXP and IP boost for example = less income to riot. The masteries unlocking themselves are here to provide a feeling of accomplishment and reward for new players that are getting level 30. Made me happy to have one more mastery point each level :)
TeeTohr (EUW)
: No problem, after all C9 members aren't known for being smart :)
I cri :'( would have chose IMT, but C9 Lynx fits better imo, and Lynx was taken soo
GPet (EUW)
: 40% CDR Baby, why'd you ever not get that? ######What ya saying, it's a unique passive?... ehh... Forget about that.
but u can get it from other items, Hextech protobelt already gives 10%, now with mastery + Morollonomicon, u should have 35%
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TeeTohr (EUW)
: Please post this kind of thread in the bug reports category. It is litteraly a bug report ^^ It may be because 2 morello was meta, I can't remember when but I'm sure it was at one point.
oh I will, sorry forgot to check :P
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: it was changed so Riot could balance those champions around the idea that theyr invisibility is reliable.
GPet (EUW)
: The problem with invisibility always was that is basically got nullified by 75 Gold, making the mechanic pretty useless, or OP if balanced for this matter. By simply removing this aspect of Pink(/Control) wards Riot can balance invisibility a lot easier. But then there still is Camoflage, the Kind of invisibility that should be able to get countered that way and that will still be revealed from Control wards! This are all long term stealths (Twitch, Rengar, Eve) and they now all function in a way that you can see them if you are close enough too. (like Eve before)
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DarkRedje (EUW)
: FIx TEEMO update to old shen , soraka ( without giving mana but self healing )
I saw that u are bronze, so obviously u dont know how to play around him. Teemo is not that op, any mage top counters him, vlad, liss, swain, ryze, but since ur probably most used to playing ad meele, ofc he counters u, even a Yasuo would win him, why do u think u see teemo at top instead of mid? yeah because mid has more mages, top has more meeles.
: OTP A CHAMPION. It's just that simple
I have a problem with being a OTP, since I get bored easily, and I do not suggest to OTP a champion that is popular, since if u only play one champ in one role, or two, u will be bad with other champs, the only champion I could OTP Is malph or singed, and also now with the autofill system, if u recommend this to low elo players, they will probably OTP Yasuo, which means once he must support, he will take yasuo, or troll. I recommend having ONE main in every role, or OTP non-popular champions that can play atleast 2 roles decently. Main 2 or 3 champions, in 2 roles, one which can support, since u will get it now and then. note: U dont need to be a good support, u dont need to enjoy it, but if u want to climb, do what team needs u to do, it will help
Nilegru (EUW)
: I've been thinking about this also ! The only problem that im facing (especially im my elo) is that if my team fails to do even decent, I fell like im literaly left in the dirt unable to do anything to turn it around? + Im not that great of a support x) got any tips for supporting ? As in laning, roaming, match ups etc. ?
look at ur matchup, a Draven needs protection, so a Soraka, or a mage as Zyra is really good with him, most adc's should just farm and wait for the late game, Draven. Vayne for example, so u want to let him farm by keeping them away from him, since Zyras zoning abilities is really good, that will help him alot, also Soraka is good too since she can make him sustain longer in lane, however it all depends on the player, if he plays agressive I suggest a tank with CC, Thresh, Naut is good, but if he wants to play passive, u can take a mage, if u poke enough it can even lead to a kill too. And they say, the best cc is not using it, playing blitz and constantly position urself to grab then, but instead DONT GRAB THEM, if u grab, they will feel safe and do whatever they feel for like 16s, but if u dont, they never know if ur gonna grab or not, thus they will always position themselves, or run away, missing gold.
Asgrahim (EUW)
: Choosing to main support.
u dont choose to main supp, u just become one, and suddenly u start considering urself a support main for whatever reason. :^)
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Right music helps a lot. Also never surrender, just never. At Worlds there's no way someone would go afk or leave the game, lose connection or get energy cut-off. Sometimes someone in the enemy team just need to go, or he gets tilted and you'll take the opportunity. I've been at the last game in promos to Gold and we were losing the game awfully. But nobody said a single bad word, every team member was concetrated on victory. Guess what? Enemy's Malphite went afk for no reason. We provided constant pressure and destroyed their Nexus. Yes, it's quite unfair, but it's the difference between the pro stage and here: anything could happen. At the last season I won 2 games playing 4v5 without adc from the very start (it was before the remake option). Sure, I could go deep with analysis of those games, what led us to victory, or I could just say "We haven't surrendered". If you surrender, you lose lp in 99.999% of cases (sometimes, the enemy team manages to surrender before you do for no reason at all or overextending the capability to destroy Nexus during the vote). But if you don't, even when 3 members voted "Yes", then anything could happen. And if you are ready for the following victory, you'll do it. Fight as hard so even if you lose enemy team would think their victory was a miracle. My top 5 list of things that helps: 1. /mute all; 2. Never surrender; 3. Control your mood with music (the end up feeling should be "I'll win this no matter what"; 4. If someone of your team performed excellent in teamfight, you should let them know. Don't type things like "gj" or "wp", type the whole sentences - it improves the vision of yourself by your teammates; 5. Watch the map everytime you don't need to perform other action and use pings if you noticed something. I've climbed to Diamond V this season playing alone at the support position. At season 6 I learned: 1. To escort minions to the enemy turret if enemy champions recalled, so they'd lose that extra gold and some turret health; 2. I changed my vision of the game when I stopped climbing because I was picking ap mages like Lux and Veigar trying to carry the game alone. Now I support my team so much so they could do what they are good at (I won those 4v5 games playing supportive Sona even though I had to play 1v2 at the start); 3. I listened to good music; 4. I practiced for several 'warm-up' games at Normal Draft (Rest in peace) and played just 1-3 ranked games depending on my mood after each game; This season I'm going to learn: 1. What champion to pick according to the champions that were picked and banned; 2. How to make my team great even if I feel they're upset (they are muted as you understand); Goals for the this season: 1. Gold rank at Ranked Flex playing Ahri or Taliyah supports (I'll use those casters as warm-up before Solo Queue). Also I want to master them! 2. Master rank at Solo Queue. Good luck at climbing, hope I made you think about it :)
AIght, this guy pretty much got it, and take advantage of what is good, Sejuani and Amumu were dominating junglers in low elo, and never played against it, music as he said helps ALOT!, atleast in low elo, when one get 3 kills, they think that they are god, and they will solo, in fact even if someone from enemy team is behind, he will solo too, just go as 5, if ur behind, dont walk into enemy jungle, keep it warded, its not only the supports job to ward, or clean wards, u can do it too, if ur even a bit behind, u should always follow ur team, or the most fed one, as I said, look at the map, if u see someone farming at bot or top, it might be worth to kill that guy, when they overestimate, punish, the fed one will most likely go rampage on ur team alone, atleast in bronze/silver, even gold, take advantage over their disadvantages, if they have bad teamwork, and mostly go solo, punish that, always remember to punish their mistakes.
Nilegru (EUW)
: What helped YOU climb the ladder
From a toxic noob who thought he was perfect, to quit the flaming, and played jungle Sej, Amumu, Lee, got me out of bronze like it was nothing. Now currently, playing top, and supp with my premade, which works at the moment. Also, the reason why I started to main Sej and Amumu, was not because it was very fun to play them, but since tanks were op and still are, but still no one in low elo picks tank, they rather have damage, so pick what ur team needs unless u are really confident that u will carry, for example if u pick Yasuo and they have a squishy team, then u can pick Yasuo instead of a tank, PICK WHAT UR TEAMCOMP NEEDS PLEASE!! it will be so much easier, also main 2-4 champions, one which can support, Poppy for example, and have a variety of builds, for example, off tank, tank, early or late game champs. ap or ad. By playing like this, it will be easier to adapt to new champions, and lanes.
illsagora (EUNE)
: Hello I am bored pls help
if u play support and get bored, dont play Janna or Soraka, literally sleeping in lane
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: Why are people from the EU incapable of admitting when they make a mistake?
Oh gash, I better move to NA then, of course I might be toxic now and then when im having a bad day, but when I fail? holy shit thats next level, but I mostly flame myself, since I lost lane, it's my fault.
: "ip farm lose 7 min someone ?" Wth is this? intent losing a game for IP?
I'd think they could make more free to play champions so people can try out more champions in a week, and make the 1350ip champs and 450 free, or just lower the ip cost, the champs that are now 1350 would cost 450, less money to spend on those, will already make it alot faster to get ip for other things. and I really dont know why u need to be lvl.30 to get all 30 mastery points...
: Differences: 1. He hasn't been banned 21 (or more?) times before. 2. Most of the time he isn't even writing stuff that is harassing. And even if, it isn't in such a huge caliber as tyler1 did. 3. He didn't run it down frequently. 4. Talking in stream is not the same as writing in chat. I mean Tyler did both. Writing in chat the sh*t he says on stream. If he just would be a flamer on stream and not ingame he probably wouldn't have been permabanned. 5. "BM" is not really a bannable offensive, atleast IMO. Since you either got "outplayed" and he "deserves" to BM you or he just does it anyways and sometimes bringing himself in a bad spot and got killed, thus gets punished for BM'ing anyways. 6. Like you already said he isn't instalocking things. I haven't seen Trick2G lately but from my past experiences with watching his streams I don't think you can compare those 2 lol.
Trick2G rages harder, but Tyler1 writes more savage and idiotic things, but ye ur right
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C9 LynX (EUNE)
: it all depends on your build, I usually make RoA if I win lane and vs a squishy, then start with sunfire, or iceborn gauntlet, if I do not make RoA, I usually make Abyssal Scepter, so ye thats enough ap to deal quite some damage, a whole combo with only one ap item, would deal up to 50-70% damage, atleast 50% before u start basic attacking.
yeah it does, so thats why malphite will still win them in a 1v1 situation if he has ult, if the adc knows how to kite and is even a little bit fed its almost impossible to fight without ult.
C9 LynX (EUNE)
: it all depends on your build, I usually make RoA if I win lane and vs a squishy, then start with sunfire, or iceborn gauntlet, if I do not make RoA, I usually make Abyssal Scepter, so ye thats enough ap to deal quite some damage, a whole combo with only one ap item, would deal up to 50-70% damage, atleast 50% before u start basic attacking.
ye I build it almost always when I do play adc, but I usually just make a QSS as 4th or 5th item, and build something else, and finish off the merc as like last item
: Needing help to learning LeBlanc.
Just use google and youtube, u will get faster and better answers there, just search on yt for LeBlanc OTP s7 commentary or something, u should find it.
: Ezreal sucks, doesn't dominate lane enough. Add Jhin, though.
I like Ezreal since his kiting is really good, and he doesnt rely on critbuild unless u want to build him like a Jinx or something, but I like bluebuild more
: its patch 7.2, it is on the PBE patch 7.2, so it will be out with the warwick rework Ofc next patch. 7.2 he just made stuff out of his head without thinking :P
I really hope its the next patch, I have so many things to try...
C9 LynX (EUNE)
: it all depends on your build, I usually make RoA if I win lane and vs a squishy, then start with sunfire, or iceborn gauntlet, if I do not make RoA, I usually make Abyssal Scepter, so ye thats enough ap to deal quite some damage, a whole combo with only one ap item, would deal up to 50-70% damage, atleast 50% before u start basic attacking.
true, but Malph should still do decent amount of damage atleast with ult and W on + E, since then they will have to sacrifice some crit, or BT, or something else to get Armor pen and Merc. Jhin, and Graves are champions that easily can do this.
SonenseS (EUW)
: Probably on Patch 7.3 or 7.4. I don't know, but it's going to be released in a couple of weeks, so be patient ^^
aww damn, I want it now T_T
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: Want to know what's realistic? Every other MOBA except RIOT charge players to play champs and characters........ why? Although I love League, if RIOT are happy to boast that we are the best and most popular game, then how can other MOBAs in an otherwise saturated market survive when they don't adopt this reasoning which is: to charge people champs from the start... Being realistic would be to make all champs free, nothing else.
as long as they get money for it, they can keep it rolling, all I want is all champions free on custom, so we can try them out first
: So, RIOT is greedy af then?
sadly, pretty greedy yes, champions with most skins are usually most popular, Lee, Riven, Vayne for example
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