Riot games are every day trying to balance this game, but "somehow" they dont nerf or rework YI... Almost everything with this champion is wrong. Let's start with his main ability Q **Q**: He dissapears from the map ---> makes few slashes with tons of damage ---> and appears (Amazing way to kill almost every AP champion in this game......) **E**: It will increase dmg of his autoattack for several seconds. (Perfect way to counter every melee champion without CC.....) **W**: He will make f*cking aura around and heals him. (Beautiful way to survive teamfight or to stay in jungle longer than enemy......) **R**: He increases his speed and cannot be slowed down...... (Gorgeous way to hunt every champion in the game......) Of course... You can nerf him OR you can make infinite skins on him to make another tons of money.. so.. You have two options: 1. Don't nerf these fcking OP champions and just make money on them OR 2. Make your game playable... If it was my decision I would take the second option... But games are business so we all know what you will choose...... {{champion:11}} === {{item:2319}} {{item:2319}} {{item:2319}} {{item:2319}} {{item:2319}} {{item:2319}} {{item:2319}} {{item:2319}} {{item:2319}} I will prorably get downvoted by YI mains, but I don't care.
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