Champion Pricing System

Why is the champion pricing system still going on a release date type mechanic ? Why is there not a base for the champions to stand and sales depending on the recent games of the player. If the free to play system stays intact, there can be a sale system for all champion purchases based on the most played free to play champion of the week for every specific summoner. That would most likely affect only the newer player and players wanting to start playing a new champion they found interesting. Since most of the normal games played are kept but not released, Riot can use that info to make an algorithm to change the pricing system to a more active one. That would benefit most new players as they wouldn't need to constantly grind to 6300 BE to get the new champion they really enjoyed. If most champions are now balanced the pricing system may make players think that more BE means a better champion, and in a way that is the case since newer champions introduce 'fun' little mini games and mechanics that new players may find interesting. From what i saw there is a planned client update for season 9 and the pricing system being change would be a nice introduction
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