Tank class rework

first ill just say that toplane is at a good state even if kled jax urgot and irelia are a little op that doesnt seem to make players spam them like previus glorius metas like malphite sion and maokai ... now about tanks there are some intresting tanks to play many need rework but ,,, the biggest problem is that tank shouldnt be a unified class .. there should be burst tanks and sustain tanks ... burst tank should be a champion hard to kill but if he is low he need to back ... like maybe if he could tank around 10 + secs and all in like maokai ... sustain tanks should be a tank that doesnt all in but still can tank about half the amount and maybe his build will have hp regen to get back and do that again like mundo at a nerfed state ... i think that can be solved first by adding items and then by slithly reworking all tanks so they can differenciate and play around these 2 classes ... now playing tank its pretty much the same get in the fight cc get to 1/4 of your hp back up regen and fight again cause you will have warmogs almost every champ has shields and 40 % cd ... thats why not many pple enjoy tanks and even lesser pple main them .. they are all pretty much the same and the same playstyle at all times ... so yeah most get forced to or get auto filled and play tanks .. that should change by adding builds for only stats and builds for only sustain or even mixing that ( which what you doing now cause there are no items to do something else ) remove warmogs that would be nice (or just the passive) so like if you were given many playstyles on all of these tank champions + all the runes i think the meta would change many times as pple just find out new and creative builds ... like you maybe give a playstyle to maoikai with full stats and a tanking all in build but someone maybe try to play more sustain and supportive cc ing in defensive style when the enemys go on your carrys while absorving some dmg and run back to sustain of course that would mean that the balance team will have more to work ... and yeah its time they actually work on their game :P and not just buff and nerf dmg or giving the new turrets cause they dont want to buff turrets and make them actual obgectives ( hard to get )

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