Idea for a new champion ?

As I was visiting some of my old ps2 games I saw a game that made me recall some good memories . And that got me thinking about a champion... Now I know that Pantheon is close to what I am about to suggest but non the less I though It was a cool idea. I have even listed the range and damage , damage and basic information such as starting health etc. The only thing i havent found yet is his lore. Name : **Brutus ** Caregory: Tank , Fighter **The Creator Of Havoc ** _Overview_ Damage: physical Mobility: 2/3 Toughness: 3/3 Damage: 3/3 Utility: 2/3 Crowd Control: 1/3 Difficulty: 2/3 _Abilities_ 1. **Passive **{Knowing Your Enemy}: Brutus gets _2 lethality_ and 1 _armor penetration_ for every 25 minions killed .(Description: Brutus learns the opponent's weaknesses and uses them against them.) 2. **Q** {Plan B}: Brutus _switches to his bow for his next 3 basic attacks_ gaining _bonus armor penetration_ , if Brutus doesnt attack the enemy with a basic attack while this ability is active _he switches back to his sword after 3 seconds_. (Description: Brutus is always prepared in battle and has a back up weapon {his bow} just in case.) 3. **W **{Fiery Will}: Brutus sets his sword on fire causing his_ auto attacks to set his enemies on fire for 3 seconds dealing 60 magic damage_ in total , {_if Brutus auto attacks a taraget affected with this ability will deal bonus 30 magic damage_} and _3% bonus movement speed._(Description: Brutus's secret weapon is his fire and uses it when opponents dare to come close to him.) 4. **E** {Call For Help}: Brutus gets surrounded by the shadows of his former comrades who form a sphere with their shields around him granting him_ 60% damage reduction for 3 seconds_ .When this ability is active he _cant move but within the 3 seconds he can recast the ability_ ordering the shadows to extend their spears _damaging all units around the sphere for 60 physical damage_.(Description: The former worriors of Brutus where sworn to protect him at all costs so they do so even after death.) {Reference} 5. **R** {Last Stand}:** Active:** Brutus gains_ 7% bonus movement speed_ , _5% bonus damage_ and _2% bonus life steal_ _for 8 seconds_.**Passive:** for_ every 30 points of bonus armor give Brutus 3 points of damage and every 40 points of bonus attack damage gives Brutus 4 points of armor_. (Description: Brutus fights like its his final battle exceeding his limits.) **Cooldown and damage per level of ability** **1. Q** _Range: _ 440 _Cost:_ 60 mana _Damage:_ Applies on hit effects _Bonus armor penetration per level:_ 2/3/4/5/6 **2. W** _Range: _ 260 _Cost:_ 40 mana _Damage:_ Applies on hit effects _Damage per level: _60/120/190/260/300 _Bonus damage to enemies affected with Fiery Will:_ 30/50/60/80/90 **3. E** _Range: _1 (Like Darius's q) _Cost:_ 50 mana _Damage after recast:_ 60/80/120/180/260 _Percentage of armor reduction doesnt change _ **4. R |Active|** _Cost:_ 100 mana **Basic stuff** _Health:_ 620 (+100 per level) _Attack Damage:_ 64 (+3.5 per level) _Attack Speed:_ NaN (+3% per level) _Movement Speed:_ 345 _Health Regen:_ 7.5 (+0.8 per level) _Armor:_ 36 (+3.8 per level) _Magic Resist:_ 30 (+0.5 per level) ----------------------- **Reference** Champion: with a Greek helmet prahaps like this one : and not the one that pantheon uses

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