Idea for 2 champions

Champion 1-Swain's lost son (Dyrin). i've only thought about his r which is R-Father's gift or Dragon Army(basically summons 4 or 3 dragons in the same range as Swain's r but whoever is in that circle get's hit by the dragons and once Dyrin's r is over he gets 300 hp +1.5 seconds of +80 ap Champion 2-Pyke's Captain (haven't thought of a name) I've only thought about his R which throws waves at the target and whoever is right next to that target get 175 damage per wave (3 in total) and the last wave roots the champion which was first targeted by kelps for 0.5 seconds oh also his passive is that if Pyke is in his team and near him like really close he gets +60 movement speed for as long as pyke is in that range.If pyke is on the enemy team and he is in the same range then he gains +2% attack speed and +20 AD for 3 seconds (cooldown on passive 40 seconds when pyke is on the enemy team and it gets activated) and for ever as long as pyke is on his passive's range as an ally. Please comment bellow your ideas for them or if it's a good idea for them to become playable champions in League Of Legends

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