Voinsei the currepted samurai

This is my idea of a champion I don't have any pictures or concept art cuz I am a bonobo in this things but I try my best to describe him Lore : his original name was Ensei he was a really good fighter having his skill level in combat as shen's father and lee sin combined he dedicated his to the combat so sure he will be really good at what he is doing he was leading a little army of ninjas samurais in a secret city in ionia they were the secret soldiers for real needs one day he heard about the rift of the void and corruption so he gathered his troops and head to shurima to help and slain the enemy when he came there he only saw horrors how the beautiful became monstrosity how the air around became poison then a void creature came out of the rift he was looking right in the ensei eyes then malzahar and his void lings attacked ensei and his troop they killed every last of them ensei fight honorable but stood no chance against the void he underestimated them so the void creature called Voi attacked on him binding with him and killing his soul the Voinsei was alive he now knew how to fight he knew this world on top of that he had void powers ofc with his corrupted army he waits for the right moment to attack ionia and then make it's next move please comment if liked my idea or what could I change or say extra things if you really liked my idea make it popular and I will try to think out abilities hope you liked it :)

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