So i got 14 days banned for a game i "flamed" 2 months ago and today i returned after quite some time played a ranked game TODAY on 7 august 2019 that I won and got 14 days banned for that game 2 months ago XD? HERE IS THE ONLY CHAT THAT RIOT DECIDED TO BAN ME FOR Game 1 In-Game Unpaiktable: annie from? Unpaiktable: kalhspera Unpaiktable: ROFL Unpaiktable: play def top Unpaiktable: bro wtf Unpaiktable: u play under his tower and expect to win? Unpaiktable: k u are or ur ownm Unpaiktable: mb Unpaiktable: get me out of this game Unpaiktable: how can u watch kayn take drake and u push under their tower? Unpaiktable: yeah how can i gang when u puish Unpaiktable: muted Unpaiktable: its funny when u have all the team kills and they flame even tho u tell their mistakes Unpaiktable: yea Unpaiktable: wp Unpaiktable: we could play it better tho Unpaiktable: red and then bot Unpaiktable: ofc the 0/5 nasus would rage quit Unpaiktable: i am smurfing to carry silvers on EUW and this is the reward Unpaiktable: u want a mute as well? Unpaiktable: ik Unpaiktable: exept from afk Unpaiktable: nasus told me the... Unpaiktable: k word Unpaiktable: can u report him? Unpaiktable: what is ur elo people? Unpaiktable: i am actually from EUNE Unpaiktable: he isnt even my main Unpaiktable: report nasus Please guys tell me if you think it was justified ban or not{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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