Got permabanned for that ???

Game 1 LefterGodGR: gl boys LefterGodGR: did i really get 3 lvl first dude ?? .. LefterGodGR: b8 LefterGodGR: nice :D LefterGodGR: roam n gank LefterGodGR: xD iremiste LefterGodGR: come LefterGodGR: dive LefterGodGR: cant LefterGodGR: just come and dive LefterGodGR: when yi came LefterGodGR: i pigned LefterGodGR: to leave dude LefterGodGR: 11:22 LefterGodGR: you fed my opponent LefterGodGR: gj LefterGodGR: wanted to def LefterGodGR: till anivia come LefterGodGR: s LefterGodGR: bec she is going for blue you know LefterGodGR: yea.. whatever -.- you are weird LefterGodGR: ee LefterGodGR: afiste tous na pousharoun LefterGodGR: afiste tous LefterGodGR: na pusharoune LefterGodGR: na kano gank LefterGodGR: me TP LefterGodGR: come top jax LefterGodGR: 0 ganks LefterGodGR: litterally LefterGodGR: jax comee LefterGodGR: we can dive him soon LefterGodGR: give me that rift LefterGodGR: i will LefterGodGR: and sunfire cape LefterGodGR: 1v4 -.- LefterGodGR: we were low too LefterGodGR: fackign help LefterGodGR: you piewce of facking shiet LefterGodGR: PIECE OF TARDS LefterGodGR: i need LefterGodGR: someone to ward LefterGodGR: ARE YOU FACKING KIDDING ME LefterGodGR: cant facking 1v1 LefterGodGR: omg LefterGodGR: you are really bad LefterGodGR: get muted kid LefterGodGR: are you kidding me jax LefterGodGR: THEY cae LefterGodGR: 3B1 LefterGodGR: 3V1 LefterGodGR: this facking guy LefterGodGR: has 0 c LefterGodGR: cd LefterGodGR: reported tf LefterGodGR: malakismeno LefterGodGR: noob. .is flame LefterGodGR: omg LefterGodGR: pls facking delete lol LefterGodGR: get muted kid LefterGodGR: nah LefterGodGR: TROLL LefterGodGR: omgg LefterGodGR: dude LefterGodGR: stop facking talking LefterGodGR: and play LefterGodGR: CANT YOU JINX IS OTP LefterGodGR: TOP LefterGodGR: u2 LefterGodGR: you are pissing me off LefterGodGR: get muted LefterGodGR: 2 LefterGodGR: JINX WAS ANYWAY AT TOP LefterGodGR: fall back!!!! LefterGodGR: noob LefterGodGR: ?? LefterGodGR: whyyy LefterGodGR: Tf is ap LefterGodGR: and he cries LefterGodGR: wtf? LefterGodGR: report me for LefterGodGR: ti ekana gamo LefterGodGR: qq tf LefterGodGR: TI NA KANO LefterGodGR: MORE LefterGodGR: VLAMENMO LefterGodGR: BOOSTED LefterGodGR: HOW CAN I FACKING help LefterGodGR: mg LefterGodGR: omg this logic LefterGodGR: you didnt tell me LefterGodGR: to do anything LefterGodGR: stfu now LefterGodGR: moree LefterGodGR: STFI LefterGodGR: STFU LefterGodGR: STFU LefterGodGR: I GOT CAMPED LefterGodGR: YOU ARE RERPOTED LefterGodGR: FOR FLAME LefterGodGR: SO HARD LefterGodGR: GET MTUED LefterGodGR: MALAKISMENA LefterGodGR: this guy is just mad LefterGodGR: JUST LOOK AT JAX LefterGodGR: CAN YOU PLS STFU LefterGodGR: YOU SAID I SHOULD BUILD FULL TANK LefterGodGR: THATS WHAT IM DOING LefterGodGR: JUST STFUUUUUU LefterGodGR: YOU ARE RUINING MY GAME LefterGodGR: adaxtili teammates LefterGodGR: DONT PKLAY JAX LefterGodGR: DONT PLAY THE GAME AGAIN LefterGodGR: 5/5 LefterGodGR: SCORE DOESNT MATTER LefterGodGR: HELP LefterGodGR: MATTERS LefterGodGR: 82 FARM LefterGodGR: THAT MEANS WE ARE ALMOST THE SAME LefterGodGR: SO YOU BETTER STFU LefterGodGR: AND FACKING PLAY THE GAME LefterGodGR: MALAKA GAMO EISAI GIA TONP POUTSO LefterGodGR: GIATI FTAIO EGO LefterGodGR: MONODAXTILE LefterGodGR: JUST LOOK AT JAX LefterGodGR: rep jax too LefterGodGR: flaming the whole game LefterGodGR: and tilt me LefterGodGR: ?? -.- LefterGodGR: just get muted LefterGodGR: monodaxtila LefterGodGR: vlamena LefterGodGR: only anivia is good here LefterGodGR: EIPA GIA ESENA LefterGodGR: VLEPEIS OTI O GAMIMENOS PREMADE SOU LefterGodGR: POUSTI LefterGodGR: DEN EIPA TPT GIA SENA LefterGodGR: VLAKA LefterGodGR: SKASE MALAKISMENO LefterGodGR: PES MOU POU MENEIS LefterGodGR: GAMOMANO LefterGodGR: PARE MUTE KAI ESU LefterGodGR: JUST LOOK AT JAX LefterGodGR: yy that LefterGodGR: R JINX LefterGodGR: R JINX LefterGodGR: gg wp rep jax and nami LefterGodGR: flaming the whole game and tilting me LefterGodGR: BG LefterGodGR: rep jax Game 2 LefterGodGR: da fack? LefterGodGR: ehmm LefterGodGR: you used E LefterGodGR: i was alive with 13 hp but i still died LefterGodGR: fo r no actual reason LefterGodGR: :) LefterGodGR: :D LefterGodGR: you are bad at hooking i guess LefterGodGR: fake it ? LefterGodGR: he didnt dodge it LefterGodGR: he was in a front line LefterGodGR: I SUCK LefterGodGR: THRESH IS HOOKING ME LefterGodGR: WHEN IM BEHIND MINIONS LefterGodGR: jukeass LefterGodGR: come and gank if you want LefterGodGR: even zac has ganked when i was low LefterGodGR: i dont see you doing anything here.. LefterGodGR: so you better dont talk LefterGodGR: HAha LefterGodGR: wt? LefterGodGR: yy ? LefterGodGR: useless rek LefterGodGR: rip english LefterGodGR: you are nothnig too LefterGodGR: at least zac has done a nice gank LefterGodGR: when i was low LefterGodGR: not when the jungler was lwo LefterGodGR: OR you see that im low TOO LefterGodGR: smart guy.. so much LefterGodGR: okay qq get mutd LefterGodGR: muted* LefterGodGR: HAha LefterGodGR: kalista LefterGodGR: aggro adc LefterGodGR: OP ADC LefterGodGR: especialyl in early LefterGodGR: coz of E stacks LefterGodGR: btw nice ss LefterGodGR: 4 ppl for me LefterGodGR: too much teamwork LefterGodGR: in an already teamworked lane :D LefterGodGR: 2v2 LefterGodGR: you k now ? LefterGodGR: know* LefterGodGR: xD LefterGodGR: hahah LefterGodGR: use all ur spells pls LefterGodGR: thx LefterGodGR: np2 LefterGodGR: for laughing LefterGodGR: he* LefterGodGR: one facking reason LefterGodGR: ty? LefterGodGR: thresh chasing me ? LefterGodGR: zac too LefterGodGR: ty rek for losing my game LefterGodGR: just rep rek LefterGodGR: ti ante geia more ? LefterGodGR: xanoume an to exeis proseksei LefterGodGR: den kaneis ss LefterGodGR: den kaneis roams LefterGodGR: kai les ante geia eno xanoume ? LefterGodGR: kk chill LefterGodGR: MOU PIRES TO BLUE MORI LefterGodGR: rep brand LefterGodGR: klapse ligo LefterGodGR: den mporeis na kouvaliseis LefterGodGR: JK LefterGodGR: Wt? LefterGodGR: LOLLL LefterGodGR: did you see what i saW ? LefterGodGR: yy i know :DDD LefterGodGR: wt LefterGodGR: lel LefterGodGR: hahah LefterGodGR: U HOOK LefterGodGR: WE FOCUS LefterGodGR: 0 LOGIC LefterGodGR: GO BACK IN BRONZE LefterGodGR: WHY SCORE DOES MATTER LefterGodGR: AT FOCUSING LefterGodGR: Da fuq LefterGodGR: again? LefterGodGR: WTFF LefterGodGR: 2 TIMES IN A FACKING ROW LefterGodGR: pls LefterGodGR: fix this riot LefterGodGR: haha LefterGodGR: funny LefterGodGR: rek basicly was LefterGodGR: SCORE DOESNT AMTTER LefterGodGR: matter LefterGodGR: omg LefterGodGR: you are bronze LefterGodGR: fack it get muted LefterGodGR: you have no logic LefterGodGR: campwd LefterGodGR: i got camped by zac LefterGodGR: wtf LefterGodGR: how can i farm LefterGodGR: you are kalista LefterGodGR: thresh WAS SO GOOD AT HOOKING LefterGodGR: blitz was hooking thresh LefterGodGR: and thresh was soo facking good at hooking LefterGodGR: you better honor this guy LefterGodGR: for carrying you LefterGodGR: gg .. . LefterGodGR: g3 LefterGodGR: ftw? Game 3 LefterGodGR: whats that skin on vi? LefterGodGR: never seen it before LefterGodGR: syndra? stormraider?/ LefterGodGR: Nami..?? LefterGodGR: warring kingdoms never seen it before. also .. nami are you tehre? LefterGodGR: she is too :DD LefterGodGR: there* WHY nami doesnt communicate?? LefterGodGR: didnt say LefterGodGR: heal LefterGodGR: nami heal me LefterGodGR: NAMI.. can you PLS TALK LefterGodGR: yyy LefterGodGR: 4 guys for me LefterGodGR: yy LefterGodGR: and this jinx got the kill LefterGodGR: NAMI LefterGodGR: ARE YOU DUMB LefterGodGR: I TOLD YOU TO BUY WARDS LefterGodGR: WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS BOY-GIRL LefterGodGR: wohoho LefterGodGR: op support -.- LefterGodGR: wTF LefterGodGR: AGAIN FLASH LefterGodGR: NAMI BUY SOME FACKING WARDS LefterGodGR: syndra LefterGodGR: ss?? LefterGodGR: HE DIDN LefterGodGR: ult... LefterGodGR: you also ss LefterGodGR: at the time i was pinging FOR HELP LefterGodGR: .. omggg LefterGodGR: just come n roam LefterGodGR: or help me vi LefterGodGR: omg LefterGodGR: TF has roamed everylane .. and syndra nothing LefterGodGR: WT? LefterGodGR: this flasg LefterGodGR: this flash LefterGodGR: omg LefterGodGR: lost match LefterGodGR: again LefterGodGR: FEED MORE LefterGodGR: just do it LefterGodGR: maybe gank me vi ? LefterGodGR: 0 ganks LefterGodGR: when you see theyre camping us LefterGodGR: and ive lsot turret? LefterGodGR: lost* LefterGodGR: reported LefterGodGR: 0 ganks the whole GAME LefterGodGR: u only can flame LefterGodGR: 0 ganks the whole game LefterGodGR: why the fck did u get jg when you dont gank me LefterGodGR: 3/16 LefterGodGR: just ff LefterGodGR: just report syndra feeding gnar feeding vi feeding and flame and doesnt help LefterGodGR: i didnt feed anyone LefterGodGR: I didnt get ganked by you LefterGodGR: tf 3 roams LefterGodGR: sej 2 ganks LefterGodGR: you 0 LefterGodGR: ganks LefterGodGR: syndra 0 roams LefterGodGR: ? LefterGodGR: go flame more LefterGodGR: me2 LefterGodGR: VI FLAME LefterGodGR: report vi and syndra I GOT perma banned for telling my teammates stop tilting me flaming me or flaming anyone and said to jungler to come and help me with caps .. like that <<LEE STOP FLAMING AND COME AND HELP ME PLSS WTF>> sometimes i was muting the guys who were creating a toxic enviroment and flaming me with last word <<kid>> and although i did everything riot told me.. she still banned me .. while no having such a negative behaviour to get a ban such as THAT....
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