lipon mas exoun gia koroida...kitakste edo ti mas ekanan.... megaliteri apodiksi den yparxei... mas apeklisan eno eimastan oloi mesa sto lobby....oi antipaloi omada den emfanistike Chat room sinomilias anixto opos tha to deite me tous krites na einai mesa.. kai tin ora na fenete stin sinomilia...kai kato sto screenshot...diladi stin ora tou PC...patiste sto parakato link gia epalithefsi....tou screenshot......aparadekto riott..... **** i patiste sto arxeio** image.png **parakato... Riot, we are the K1ss My Ace from Battlegrounds... The race of the first round of the latter group we are all in the tournament lobby... Our opponents were the... Faze Clan v2..but they not appeared ever means in Lobby... As shown by the screenshot picture below..together with my entire team and conversation in chat with the judges ... the hour of debate and the computer time.... But you gave exclusion in my group..and this is illegal and no honorably by you... It is unacceptable to happen please correct this your mistake... and give the contribution to my team because so entitled .... We have sent many messages and you no answer us .... why..???

Δοκιμάζουμε μία νέα λειτουργία που δίνει την επιλογή να βλέπετε τις συζητήσεις σε χρονολογική σειρά. Μερικοί δοκιμαστές επισήμαναν ότι μία γραμμική προβολή βοηθάει στην ανάγνωση, οπότε θέλουμε να μας πείτε και εσείς τη γνώμη σας.

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