so easy to get a perma jeez

well i have had to play lol for a month have some good games get some honors and 1 game i tell a random dude to khs because he was a cunt land i get a perma lol dear rioters maybe do u want to tell me why ur so strict against negativity while it happens once in a while? + here is my game chat Game 1 deathemployee: 2 bird with one stone ( malphite ) deathemployee: ? deathemployee: what who is snowman deathemployee: kys deathemployee: reac faster grandpa deathemployee: react deathemployee: 1 3 fucking uselles piece of shit kys deathemployee: nice atack on the ward deathemployee: rEP ZED deathemployee: ty . What about that hah?
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