Excuse me Riot WHy did I get banned for 14 days when I was honor lvl 4 for the text below

Here is the text below : Game 1 Pre-Game CrazyPlaton123: top I would prefer if you picked a tank CrazyPlaton123: ehmm not the same CrazyPlaton123: my dog? CrazyPlaton123: I dont have a dog CrazyPlaton123: ehmm..] CrazyPlaton123: what? CrazyPlaton123: ha? CrazyPlaton123: wtf CrazyPlaton123: what are you tlaking about In-Game CrazyPlaton123: well since you are playing garen you will do just fin e CrazyPlaton123: all you need to to is spin CrazyPlaton123: back CrazyPlaton123: those fucking faggots CrazyPlaton123: shyvana maybe come bot side and try to take the drakes instead of trying to help an assasin kill a tank.............. CrazyPlaton123: why the fuck are we getting perma camped CrazyPlaton123: dude he is a tank ofcourse you cant CrazyPlaton123: any damage you deal will be healed immediately CrazyPlaton123: they will gank bot again like faggots CrazyPlaton123: then dont pick pyke top] CrazyPlaton123: fucking nice CrazyPlaton123: and only the supp to protect the turret CrazyPlaton123: we need ashe alive CrazyPlaton123: god damn it you already have blade of the ruined and we are still losing wt CrazyPlaton123: BAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE CrazyPlaton123: ITS A BAY BLADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDE CrazyPlaton123: LOL YOU ASK NOW THAT YOU ARE AHED CrazyPlaton123: garen no ult CrazyPlaton123: gg The Only thing I think would give me a bad language warning Is the word faggot which I used only twice in MY chat for the enemies without telling in ALL chat which means they never saw it . The word fuck or fucking nice is used in every game and I didnt use it to personally attack anyone(THE WORD FAGGOT WAS WRITTEN BOTH TIMES IN ONLY TEAM CHAT SO THE ENEMIES I WAS ADRESSING NEVER SAW IT ,THUS THEY NEVER HAD THEIR FEELINGS HURTS SINCE I DIDNT CALL THEM DIRECTLY I ONLY WROTE IT IN TEAM CHAT!!!!) .SO excuse me wtfffffffff. I was honor lvl 4 and Instead of giving me a warning you straight up ban me for 14 days. I would believe it, if someone hacked and just straight up banned me but this seems fake as fuck Are you gonna tell me writting faggots 2 times without attacking anyone personally ,bay blade and garen no ult OR LoL or gg is bannable >>>>???? Or did you just give the report review to someone who just doesnt read what people wrote and just bans them. Because not even a Hyper sensitive child that is prone to crying would not ban me for using the word faggot 2 times in one game without personally attacking anyone While I was honor lvl 4.
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