About permantly suspected accounts

I'm playing this game from season two and i'm writing to suggest you some things about making the community better. First of all I like the game pretty much and i love playing it with my friends. Although the most of my friends have their accounts permantly banned for toxic behavior. My oppinion about that is completelly opposite. I also play other mmorpg games and in none of them players get perma ban forever. I think there are other things you can do to fix toxic behaviors and other negative stuff to make the community better. I make clear that i agree with your politics about banning accounts for some period but not permantly tho. Some people have spent tons of money on their accounts,you cant just perma ban them like that. Ban them for a league season or a year but not forever guys. I play the game for about 5 years and actually i dont think that the most annoying thing is toxic players. Although some of them they might be very good players. The problem is the trollers,afkers and boosted players. I've seen tons of people who are playing in high elo ranked games and they are ruining completely our games cause they cant deal with these elo players cause they are boosted. Although they dont get not a single ban. You have said that you dont ban bad players and i agree with that but when a player destroys your game cause he is boosted, this is something else. What i'm suggesting is to give back all permantly banned accounts back, stop perma banning accounts and use other method to pusnish toxic players. I know that you will propably ignore my message like you always do but i think its worth a try. And something else Riot, when people send you a message try not to answer like a robot but like humans.
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