: You are not ready to play in a higher elo (35% wr in 70 games in Bronze Elo) so i recommend to keep improving by playing solo...No duo,no MMR boosts etc...You can watch some people who made YouTube videos of themselves playing in Bronze and Silver Elo...Can be really usefull.These videos are actually thousands so it's pretty easy to find what you want... Stop spamming difficult champions like Katarina,Riven,Yasuo,Akali,Irelia etc...You can't play these champions...I'm guessing that you like to play solo lanes (Everything is possible in Bronze) so play champions who don't require a lot of mechanics like Darius,Garen,Yorick,Volibear etc...Btw your CSing is actually horrible...3-4 cs per minute in Bronze as a solo laner.I refuse to believe that shit...If you have so much hard time to last hit minions just start playing support.But in this case you'll still need to watch smurfs playing in your Elo.
im a rly good akali i have her 6 and guys im not bad at the game i just cant carry and riven lvl 4
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