Riot blaming users for their client crash

Client DriectX crash has for the second time putting me on a low priority Que, I find riot needs to sort this issue or at least lower the 5 game wait for 20 mins a pop. I don't always get time to play and this ban makes me feel like i don't want to play at all. before i get slammed for "awww well its your system, honestly its not, am not boasting but i have a very good and expensive gaming PC that i update regular. What i did find tho, while looking it up on youtube is that its indeed the lolclients own files on my computer. why could riot not tell me this?. Why do i have to go to youtube for such an easy fix that is of no fault of my own?. I may just be ranting here but am sure there is more then myself upset with this and needs to be heard. Riot can either carry this on and ignore its community or at least help them with less of a harsh penalty, or well, I guess i will be playing a different platform as this is getting past not enjoyable anymore.
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