New client is really laggy.

So, I got access to the Alpha Client, I noticed it was really laggy, but I didn't blame anyone, cause it was still in Alpha. A few days ago, RIOT released the client for everyone, renaming it to Beta Client and it was better than the last one, but it was still a lot laggy, considering it should be faster because of the new software they're using, wich is not Adobe AIR as we all know. Well... but it's really not faster, instead it's slower than the last client, I've done some reseach about this and discovered some things as "Not optimized" for all PCs or something like that, but why letting everyone use it, if it's "broken"? (With broken I mean, you have struggle playing or using) I just wanted a clean response from Rioters to know if they will fix this problem in the next patches :3 (Please leave a comment if you know anything about this matter) Thanks to all comments.

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