[SUGGESTION] Once the player bought 16 Champions, tell him that he can play Draft

The reason why Riot removed Draft on EUNE is, because the playerbase was to small. I bet the Blind Pick Community in EUW is also bigger than the Draft Community. Why? Because players hate change and new players are used to Blind Pick. But that is stupid, because Draft is better in everything, except queue times. So why not create a pop up, that tells the player that he is able to play Draft once he bought 16 Champions. Something like this: > CONGRATULATIONS!!! > You achieved 16 Champions. Now you are able to play Draft mode, which guarantees you to play your wanted roles. Why not try it out? I bet this would shift the playerbase more to Draft and the removal of Draft would be pointless. So Riot could bring it back for EUNE. This would make EUNE players happy, that miss Draft and it would make new players happy, who are not satisfied with Blind. This second point is very important too, because new players should know that LoL can be better than Blind. My Brother for example hated LoL, until I told him about Draft. And as soon as he tried it out, he was simply amazed and said: "Why would you play Blind Pick? This mode is so BS!" --- --- --- _PS: I hope this is the correct Board. "Champions & Gamplay" doesn't feel correct and because I only ask for a little pop up, "Client Discussion" seems fitting._
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