Master Thread - Updated Client FAQs & Issue Reports

Hi all, [Myself](, [Riot Bolton]( and [Riot Navigator]( are part of the publishing and community group here in EU. We'll be on hand to answer any of your **Updated Client related questions**. As you know by now, the Air Client is no more and all players will now have to use the Updated Client. If you're experiencing any issues, please let us know below. We'll do our best to answer and also update this post with FAQs as they come in. Please bare with us as we try to answer all constructive comments. **Off topic and troll comments will be removed.** *** #HEXTECH REPAIR TOOL - ALL IN 1 PROBLEM SOLVER# (most of the time) If you're having launcher troubles, installation troubles, random crashes. Please in the first instance download and try our [HexTech Repair Tool]( If that doesn't help. Please let us know your issue below! *** #FAQs **Q**: I'm having FPS issues in game when using the new client, or my new client is lagging. **A**: If since upgrading your client, you're experiencing lag on the client itself or a drop in FPS in game, consider enabling low spec mode and making the client auto close when you load in to game. Below is a GIF that shows how you can do it. *** **Q**: Where are Item Sets? **A**: Item Sets will return to the PBE in Patch 7.11 and then to live soon after. *** **Q: I hate not being able to see my friends list when I go into champ select.** **A**: We're planning to solve this problem in patch 7.9 with a change that lets you start new conversations from the chat module. Additionally, clicking the "NEW MESSAGE" button in the chat module will show you your friends list sorted by availability, so you'll be able to see which are your friends are online from champ select. We'll post an update in the patch notes when this change hits or if it gets delayed for any reason *** **Q: The new client is missing some of the features that the old one had, like career stats on the profile.** **A**: We've committed to doing more work on the profile page and the collection to bring back missing features like the profile's career stats since we needed to focus on getting the new client performing better before shifting our focus. That work has been scheduled for after we replace the legacy client, to more feature work. *** **Q: What is happening to public chat?** **A**: Public chat as we know it is going away. We can't talk specifics yet but the chat team is working on some new features which may cover some of the same ground. *** **Q: I'm getting black screens. What do I do?** **A**: This is something that we're aware of and are working towards deploying a fix. *** **Q: My game crashes when I open the launcher shortcut on my desktop** **A**: First check in your game directory (usually C:/Riot Games/League of Legends)if you can launch the game by running LeagueClient.exe. If this doesn't work, you may have to consider completely deleting the Riot Games folder and reinstalling the game**
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