[Suggestion] Transform LOL in a subscription based game

Hi , i know that for some younger players that cannot pay monthly subscription it will sound strange to add one , but here it goes why. 1. Allot of games are being trolled by young kids that don`t care about the game and they act ... like kids. 2. I used to play Dota1, Dota2 (3-6 years ) , and you can say whatever you want ,but people who play/used to play dota are really good at any type of moba. 3. Im 25+ i like to enjoy the game after one day of work and actually get in higher ranks , but its impossible since im stuck in Bronze. Yeah , allot of you will say that its my fault. Wrong. I always pick the last , or i choose fill , just to let others enjoy the lane that they like so everybody is happy. But no ... there is always someone that will ruin your game. Anyway , i think adding a subscription to this game will do the following: 1. Yes , it will lower the game population , but it will be quality not quantity ( Ex : Blizzard Entertainment) very successful company 2. You can add a Free to play server so all the young players that cannot pay for a sub can play there , and trust me , there will be allot of players So basically there will be 2 types of players : Pay to play and free to play and i can assure you that only 5 % of them will be trolling in a pay to play game. Add any other ideas if i missed something. I have a feeling that it will be another post that will be forgotten or not being taken in consideration.
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