more "Mini" Icons (Chibi Champion Icons)

**I rly love these "Mini" Icons from the blue essence shop** {{sticker:sg-lux}} but we need MOOOORE!!! {{champion:55}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:81}} these are not enough! :D **i would love to see all champs getting a Mini / Chibi Icon at some point! a cute champ icon for every main <3** ( tbh im surpirsed there is no {{champion:103}} icon so far ;P ) - but i would prefer if you could just buy the icon you want because when more champions / every champion gets his Mini-Icon then it would be way to hard to get the Mini-Champions you actually want, if they are only obtainable in these Mini-Boxes which contains a RANDOM Mini-Icon - if you guys rly want to keep these Mini-Boxes with a random Icon - then at least make a buch of differen Boxes - so its easier to actually get the Icons you want for example: Boxes for all the differen classes (big classes can be split into 2 or more different boxes) - “Mystery Mini Skirmisher” Icons Box (contains all Skirmishers) - “Mystery Mini Warden” Icons Box (contains all Wardens) - “Mystery Mini Diver” Icons Box 1 (contains the first half of Divers) - “Mystery Mini Diver” Icons Box 2 (contains the second half of Divers) - etc. **and pls pls PLS DON'T change the costs from BE to RP! thats a big reason what makes these Icons so awesome! everyone can get the Champion he wants without having to spend any money! so noone is left out and everyone can show his favorite champ with his Icon! so yeah - PLEASE!** and i guess im not the only one who likes these Icons cause alost every player in my last games used one of these Mini-Icons ^^ so i rly hope we see more Mini / Chibi Icons soon <3
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