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I have a few points with the new client regarding custom games. I try to keep it as short as possible. I am also not including the usual "new client sucks" - comments, its called NEW client and BETA for a reason. It is just unpolished. Once all major features are included, and it runs more stable I see great potential in it. And we should appreciate Riot for that, and for once give them some credit. **1. The list of available lobbys.** **1.1 Private Lobbys** - _Private lobbies should be hidden by default._ - _The checkbox "Show private lobbies only" doesnt make sense at all. If you want to join a specific lobby, you activate private lobbies anyways and just search by the name._ **Solution**: _Replace the checkbox "Show private lobbies only" with "Show public lobbies only", and it is checked by default._ **1.2 Refreshing** - _For me, it is really annoying that you need to refresh the list manually._ - _Refreshing it while you are browsing threw custom games, no problem. But it should at least refresh once you start the client._ **Solution**: _Refresh the list every time you start the client. If possible also every time you open the list._ **1.3 Sorting** - _One of the more import points (at least for me): The option to sort by the amount of people in a lobby, and the amount of spectators. I mostly just want to join a game as fast as possible, and join full lobbies. And that way I need to search for lobbies who have the same map and are nearly full. (ARAM Blindpick Main here)_ **Solution**: _Add the option to sort by amount of people/spectators in lobbies._ **1.4 Filter/Search** - _Something that I personally want is a option to filter by map. I am mostly just playing ARAMs, and I can just filter by one thing at once._ - _Add the field game type. (Like blind pick, draft pick, random etc.) It is really annoying that you need to join a lobby. Check the game type. If its the wrong one leave, and repeat until you found the right one._ **Solution/Tl;dr:** _Add the option to sort/filter by game type, and add a map filter._ **1.5 Beeing kicked.** - _This one, is the most important one for me. If you get kicked out of a lobby (Happens a lot if your elo is to high/low compared to the others in the lobby), you are in the home screen of the client. Everytime I get kicked, I need to click on Play -> Join Custom -> Set the filters again -> Repeat. And with the delays between the actions it can get really frustrating._ **Solution**: _If you get kicked, you should be back on the list of custom lobbies._ **2. Create Custom Lobbies** **2.1 Manage created lobbies** - _The option to add a password after the room was created._ - _Same, but with game type. If you created a lobby with the wrong gametype (by accident), you dont need to recreate a lobby and invite everyone again._ ~~2.2 Adding bots~~ Already planned for 7.1. I know that other things that every player uses are more important, but dont forget your smaller communities. Sincerely, Gin PS: Client looks great, runs mostly smooth and is the client League of Legends truly deservs.

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