Profile Customization [With Images]

THIS POST GETS EDITED A LOT REMEMBER TO CHECK BACK ONCE IN A WHILE Go down to the bottom for a list of changes! Hey everyone! I think it would be nice to be able to customize your Profile more, like setting a Profile message or changing the banner. Down here you will find some ideas i had: Customization icon in the bottom left and a quote in the middle On click a bar opens Editing the Champion Editing the Skin The next two could be combined into one Editing the Quote Editing the Style of the Quote with a Preview on top These are my ideas so far, share yours and i might try to make images of them! :) COOKIEMAN007s Idea > Maybe you could even add a border of some sort. Somewhat like the ranked borders but then for your profile. TheCrazyBoys Idea > Ability to close down the Friend List and a button to not get invites Also Invitation Settings DjKekzs Idea > It would also be nice if one could personalize his club, it could have an one page on your profile and the club leader Edit: 1. You can now choose to use the Champion with the highest Mastery 2. Champion Wallpapers are unlocked when buying the champion 3. Text Colors can now be Unlocked 4. Skin Wallpapers can be unlocked for IP OR when buying the skin 5. Maybe change the quote system to presets and champion quotes 6. Ability to show or not show your ranked Border around your Icon 7. Invitation Settings
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