what i think about this new client

although i think it looks really fresh, it is not that good as many youtubers and treads on the boards said. its really laggy, and it really makes me miss the old one, because basic things like changing the size of the windows, and closing the friends list arent there. i absolutely dislike the names they gave to stuff in there, especially "collections" that just sound rly stupid to me and idk why. i miss the old runes and the old masteries, i dont even understand the new runes names and what they are supposed to do. also, why the hell i have lucian in my profile page? and one of the things i miss the most is the banners animation when u entered queue. i really apreciate other things, but i stil think that other things like: 1. being able to see ur rune page at the store so u wont need to go back and foward; 2. an explanation of what these runes are supposed to do; 3. being able to make some list of champions with my mains (like masteries lists); 4. (this is not necessary but would be nice) changing the color of the client, bc i rly miss the green one; 5. taking lucian out of my profile, i dont even play w him... let me place my main there i dont know if its just me but lol window is weird when its opens bc sometimes it doesnt open in the tool bar, it opens another window, and then i have 2 lol programs for some reason, and when i lower the game window to do something i have the lol app (that is closed) then 2 lol windows, one w old icon, one w the new icon.
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