Blue Essence - Minum Value per Level

Ok everyone, this has to stop. Over and over people are saying they got very little BE per level - some say 500 total, some say 300-400. I even seen someone saying they got 90 BE total from their capsule. [This is not consistant with Riot's official statements on the issue.]( According to an the Red post linked the **lowest amont of Blue Essence from disenchanting all shard given from a level up is 810 (720 for about first two days).** Let me repeat that: it should be** impossible to get LESS THAN 810 Blue Essence**. But people keep saying they got much less then that. I am prepared to believe that most of those claims are exaggerations of how little BE they got, miscalculations or maybe even outright lies fueled by dislike for a new system. I am yet to see a series of screenshot documenting opening a capsule or maybe a recording of opening one, that contains less than 720 or 810 Blue Essence worth of shards. I so far opened only 2 capsules and both were worth about 900 BE. I am not saying that it is impossible however. I find it very doubtful that Riot would try such an obvious and easily disproven lie, but stranger things happened in history. Maybe the statement I linked is wrong, maybe the system is not working as supposed? Who knows. Therefore I ask everyone who is reading this - start documenting every capsule you open. Take a screenshot of every part of opening it, every single shard that was dropped. Record it if you can. Link streams with opening of capsules, if their value was below the official minimums. If we can gather proof that people are getting less that Riot says they should we can actually try and get things to change. If you have documented getting less than 810 (720 before the change) BE from a capsule, please submit a ticket to the support so we can hear their official stance. Doing this has better chance of getting Riot attention and creating any change for the better than hundreds of baseless threads just comlaining how BE is worst thing that happened to LoL. Because if does work like Riot claims then it is not, it actually is pretty good, despite all the hate it gets for being unitnutive (it's like this old math question: If ball and a bat cost 1 dollar and 10 cents together and bat costs 1 dollar more than the ball, how much does the ball cost?). Unless you can actually prove that Riot statements are misleading. So get to work and post as many documented cases as possible.
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