Please, don't remove OLD client (request from a slow PC user)

A new client is probably a fresh change for most of players, but there are also plenty of slow PC users (like me) who don't enjoy that much because of its lags. When I am in-game, I always have to close the client because my FPS are dropping all the time. Which, as you can guess, is annoying because after every game I must launch the client again to start a new game. So my request is to: - reduce resources that new client takes when I am in-game or - improve "Low Spec Mode" which will disable more features of the new client (in-game or in general) or - don't remove old client files. I really enjoy old client appearance and performance, there are no FPS drops and whole interface works without any problems or lags. That's why I'm currently using legacy client and I'd be really grateful if it won't be completely deleted.
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