Battle Training is NOT "advanced techniques"

Hey guys ! So I was bored, wanted to play league but not play a full game, so I decided to train my {{champion:254}} mecanics, the ol' Q Flash. I then remember our dear friends at Rito games promised us a training program in which you could set your level, have no cd on {{summoner:4}} , perfect for what I wanted, 2 seconds into the game I have my ulti and can {{summoner:4}} all the way to lane. At least that's in my mind. So I go launch battle training, and I could not be more disappointed. I'm allowed to choose between either tutorial mode or battle training (which says it is to train more advanced techniques), so having played league for a while I pick the advanced one. Now I'm offered to play two champions that offer a lot of mechanically advanced training : {{champion:22}} and {{champion:86}} . I tell myself okay, this is the must do to unlock the actual battle training. Destroy the nexus lvl 6 with only a {{item:1055}} in my pocket, after 10 minutes of being yelled at by the pop up lady who won't stop telling me not to even think of staying under turret while less than 3 creeps are tanking it. And after that complete waste of time, back on the home page, the same very very basic tutorial is offered again. So this is definetly not what was promised, and I hope the other actually interesting version will be coming out soon. The Battle Training is clearly mislabeled, learning that last hitting minions gives you gold, telling you to destroy turrets and ultimately the nexus is NOT "more advanced techniques", if that is not addressed in the basic tutorial then I have no idea what is. So now I'm done, I'm thinking okay, that was a disappointment, whatever, I'll just do it the normal way. Start a custom game, add on enemy bot and pound him into the ground every 5 minutes when {{summoner:4}} is up. But guess, what, there's a reason I'm ranting right now. You can't do that anymore. You can't create a bot game to train combos, phat wall flashes, Riven animation cancelling, jungle clears, and so forth. If the new product isn't ready yet, why take away the old method that was not perfect by any means but actually worked ? Now I have no way of testing things first in a practice game, my first try has to be in an actual game, or I have to play COOP vs. AI, which is the second most boring thing in the world after battle training. Now I understand that I am not the key audience for battle training, but there are many issues. First off two champions very little, I suppose you could argue that that way you are not overwhelmed by choices, plus Garen's and Ashe's physical appearance reflect their character quite well, so I could see the reasoning behind that. Then there's a breakdown of champ select. And there's no "never show this tip again", if you launch the training again you will get blasted by tips all over again. Your summoners are set on Heal / Ghost, why not leave the ones you selected during the previous game, like normal champ select ? Yes level 1 players will always have those two summoners, but why force it upon everyone ? You get in game, they show you you need to destroy the nexus, tell you to choose a lane. The bots stay in base until minions spawn, and then will go to their lane, independently of what lane you went to. So Garen / Soraka mid lane while it's a 1 vs 2 top lane. You have the technology to do it, that's what happens when you take 4 bots on your team, they distribute it accordingly so it's 2 top, 1 mid, 2 bot, why does it not work in tutorial ? And then the pop ups are completely agravating. "You have gold, go buy stuff", "Destroy tower", "Good job you got tower, now get more tower". And the tower shot warning is just so annoying. TLDR: Battle Training is an extremely basic tutorial and should be labeled as such, bring back bots in custom games, make your tutorial not want new players want to uninstall or punch themselves in the face. PS: Yes I do realise that the time wasted by playing the tutorial was a lot less than it took to write this post. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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