Honor System

I think it would be cool to have bar that shows how are we progressing with honor. I'm sure you have reason to not put it into the game, like voice chat. But for real, who doesn't wanna listen can just mute teammate, why is that a problem? Off topic. Anyway, this new honor thing is really nice. But when I first started to play with this system, I wanted to progress really fast, and got bored soon, cause I don't know if I will be honor 3 for a few days, weeks, months... So, since there is a bar for expirience till level 30, that keeps players excited to reach their goal, why wouldn't there be same thing for us, who are lvl 30 for a while now? Btw, do I "progress little bit faster" if I get honor, or if everyone in team gives honor to someone? Or if I get 3 honors?
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