My Alpha Client First Look Feedback

Having just received access to the Alpha client, I have small things I wanna point, so I have compiled it all in this single post rather than creating a new one each time I find something. Apologies if they have been brought up already. * (1) [Clicking Play automatically takes me to the Normal - Blind game type]( - (I have already made a thread about this) * (2) Dragging the client around my desktop produces a "trail" [as shown here]( I know this isn't my PC's because I have a pretty high end gaming PC, old client (and any other application for that matter) doesn't do this. * (3) The [IP and RP text is sometimes difficult to read]( based on what background image is being used. Perhaps add an outer stroke to the text or something? * (4) This is just my person preference. But [in the same image at (3),]( it would be easier if the 'hit box' of the tabs would be more than just the text. Idk maybe many of you will disagree but for quick snappy navigation, I'd find that clicking anywhere in the area (brilliantly highlighted by me in bogie green colour boxes) would allow for that tab to be selected. * (5) Not really sure how to show this in a screenshot, but when receiving a new message or any game invite, the client in the task bar doesn't light up (orange) like it used to in the old client. I know these aren't necessarily game-breaking bugs but I'm on the lookout for those as well.I'll keep adding to this thread - unless someone stops me.
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