Ranked unbalanced!

I know about MMR and matchmaking matches you with people with same MMR.. However I have a problem with that.. The logic here should be, Once you win against people in your own division then you will climb, not lower from your division and not higher(MMR)! Even though we have the same MMR, I am gold, which means I took 6 times less promos than a Plat player.. With all that being said! I had a game where I didn't have anyone higher gold 2 and only 1 gold 2 player.. the enemy team had a Platinum that laned against me and on top of that a gold 2 player.. I am only gold 4.. ? and lets not forget to mention my support was with 12 games and was in low gold.. So where is this balance you speak of? You just give random ranks to people with less experience(12 games in total and gold) and match them up with people with high winrate such as me.. had the highest win-rate and expect me to carry him??? Why do you not put such a person in the enemy team?? I guess you'll say something like "the system is not perfect it matches you based on your MMR, hidden MMR blablabla" If this person was skilled and had the same skill level as me he wouldn't feed. Which he did. All excuses.. This is just a feed back! and a lot of people are just too lazy to check who their playing against. Especially the high-win rate ones.. they face better players and have teammets nowhere close the experience of the opposing team. You're going to lose another competitive player and probably get a new one that will not stand your shit.. So go ahead and give money for more adds.. and hope that people will start playing this game. The way you've made changes to Reporting system after 2015.. You don't have the same success now do you?? I can bet on it.. S5 was highest succes, s6 was okay but you changed the reporting system and a lot of newbies got what they wanted, they managed to punish the better players because they were flaming and being placed with the new players due to your so called "balanced match making" and MMR.. You get 5 players in enemy team with 70+ games and you get 2 guys in your team that have 10 and are the same rank due to hidden elo.. :D I've played 900+ games this season I am gold in 2 accounts and silver in 1.. I've checked enough matches, people's rank to say that your system is complete garbage.. and a player in gold that can't even click properly gets to punish me for telling him that he doesn't deserve his rank. Just because of this reporting system that has not real people judging.. and some jealus 10 year olds report me for getting angry at them when I solo killed 3 towers and pushed inhib, ganked them gave them kills/pressure and still couldn't win. Focus your improvements on attitude rather than balancing ranked and truly recognize a skilled player.. and not place him with 1 silver and 3 golds while enemy 1 plat and 4 golds.. GG ?? Atleast what you can do is place people to fight against the same rank so that people stop complaining and use MMR for LP gains.. That way a skilled player will get to his real rank much faster. I bet that if you keep this system by 2021 you will have 30% less players and you'll spend money on a lot more adds to make clueless people play it.. and I will do my best to spread your shitty unbalanced system.. and how you want to punish someone for getting angry at an internet competitive game and cut trash talking which is no fun.. by 2021 people will already have a bad opinion, cuz you cannot get angry at someone, you cannot climb without having to place people much higher than your rank.. Just for the record I'm playing from s3.. Again this is just feedback! Btw, you're cucks for defending this system!
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