Reporting a player [ENTER] button.

Not really a bug but here goes: I was writing up a report about a toxic Illaoi in my game, and wanted to add a picture of the lobby in which he repeatedly called me a "SANDN****R" in caps lock. But pressing the [ENTER] key automatically sent the report. I wanted to add a blank line to add the link after that to make my report more readable. Instead I instantly sent my report without being able to add the link. Most of this guy's flaming happened in the lobby so perhaps this toxic player is now avoiding punishment because of this. Am I the only one with this issue? I would love it if Riot could make sure that the [ENTER] button adds a line instead of automatically sending the report. For people like me who like to have blank lines in anything I write this is a huge problem. I know i'm going to forget it and next time I'm about to report someone i'm sure it will happen again.
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