Riot Forcing the use of the Updated Client

So I just saw the post that on April the 24th the Legacy Client will be officialy removed. I will begin with the pros and cons of this: Pros -More people will use the practise tool and the replays -More people will be on a more futuristic looking client Cons -Not everyone has a good enough computer to run the updated client despite the low spec mode it still is hard to get his role on blind pick -It is not fully finished.There are still some missing features.(Item Sets) -The old client has become a part of our heart and it will be like removing a part of it -overall the old client functions a lot better than the new one.It is true that there were some bugs on the old client but they are still there on the new client and i believe there are even more These are my believes on removing the legacy client .I believe it is a wrong step to least for now -lonaceGR,Antony, An {{champion:245}} Main
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