RITO PLZ The New client really needs that one old ranked feature!

When it is your turn to ban or pick, the new client should also force window focus on to itself like the old one did. At least, there should be an option to make it do so. What would be better, it should give a visual highlight in the taskbar so that you can't miss it if you have the volume turned down. This has been happening too often: People have missed their turn to ban or pick champions in ranked lobbies SO many times now. Many of us just do something in the background while we wait for our turn (e.g. insert background activities here). I've done this too and it's getting really annoying. For those of us who have become accustomed to the warnings the client gives, like forcing window focus or the low THUDD of drums, the new client just does nothing and puts us back in the waiting lobby with a hefty 5 minute, 30 minute wait and a loss for ranked on top. {{summoner:14}} {{champion:63}} {{summoner:14}}
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