"Summer Mastery Points"

Edit: I meant Summoner and not summer.... So, this is my first discussion I just had an interesting idea and wanted to share that. What about a System called **"Summoner Mastery Points"**. We now have champion mastery but what about ranking up, after level 30 by getting honored or just winning, or for example getting a S. I would also suggest umlinking it from Ranked, so that lower ranked players don't feel underrated or just left behind. As a fun little progression sytsem for you and not your champion it would be a pretty nice after level 30 idea I think. I think it could also be nicely implemented into the Alpha client. The Boarder around your summoner icon could have like a crystal in it at the top (like a champion mastery one). Also it would be interesting to see how far someone can go. So it would be a nice idea to maybe uncap this system and maybe link it with hextech crafting. So if you are a good player and a nice part of the community (honoring and getting honored) while also winning games and being pretty good at a champion then you will get rewarded as the summoner. I think it is a pretty interesting idea so what do you think ?
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