Can't belive riot is so fking unbelievable

Guys , I am so fking calm right now that I can write this letter to you RIOT i ain't give a fk about other opinions so do whatever the heck you want i ain't carre kids to shittalk about my problem. Alright so let's get this started after i waited almost 24 hours to calm down i thought i should let you Rioters know that you just did the most unfair thing ever by baning my account FOR RECOVERING IT 3 FKING TIMES WHICH IS MY RIGHT? you gotta be kidding me right now FOR REAL. AH AND BTW i didn't recover it 3 times in 3 freaking days or weeks they were in different times and the last time i did it because i just couldnt recover my god damn email at the recovery point i could only recover it with a phone number that i had like 1 year ago and i couldnt recover it that way so there was no chance to recover the email and RECOVER the account right? great i haven't played lol for like 6-7 months ofc i don't remember my password i don't use notepads and you also recommended me to use different passwords all the time for everything and thats why i did and look what happened. can't even explain what was in my mind yesterday when i got this answer from you. I HAVE MY ACCOUNT for 4 FREAKING YEARS OF COURSE I RECOVERED IT MULTIPLE TIMES I HAVE BETTER STUFF TO WORRY MY MIND ABOUT THAN MY FKING LEAGUE PASSWORD AM I RIGHT? (AND NO I DONT WANNA USE A NOTEPAD ITS MY RIGHT TO RECOVER THE GOD DAMN ACCOUNT) So with this been said I don't even wanna get the account back just wanna let you know how awesome I feel after I got the answer from you yesterday after spending more than 500 euros on the account check it out if you don't belive me. Thank you very much Riot and have a wonderfull year.
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