Wtf is this messed up ranked algorithm lol

Ok so let me set the scene. I started playing this game like a month, month and a half ago and im loving every minute of it but how does this ranked algorithm work?? My friend who got me into the game was silver 5 last season and is mechanically what I would describe as very good especially with a specific set of champions which he always crushs games with. In his placement games he got 5 wins and 5 losses, he got at least an S- 7 games and his k/d was very good most of the time. He played support for 9 of the 10 games so I cant really include that. Looking at his teams scores it looks like he carried most of them. Now me. I played all my ranked games at 5am in the morning so I was tired and not really concentrating for them, I won 2 and lost 8, I was in games with people who were gold and silvers last season, no one bronze and no one unranked like me in any of them. Because of this I lost lane in 9 of the 10 games, consistantly fed and maybe got 5 kills in total. My cs was fairly decent but nothing spectacular (7 or 8 a minute). So after my shocking performance lets see where we placed: I placed bronze 3 and he placed bronze 5, yep bronze 5. Can someone please explain the factors im not taking into account?? Wtf is going on here??
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