GUI suggestions for new Client

* Probably the biggest one, ability to hide the social tab * I like the [post game stats page]( to a certain extent. But why does the [advanced details]( seem like an separate pop-up window that can be closed by pressing and X? I want to still type "hue hue sup more dmg than adc" while viewing still viewing all the advanced graphs/stats - much like the old client * This is very minor - the little riot fist icon which indicates RP, would be nice for it have a bit of colour, [perhaps few shades of red]( just so it stands out a bit more from the new IP icon - again, very minor * This is not as much as a GUI suggestion but: Sound during champ select. * Firstly, it doesn't mute when client is minimised. I remember once upon a time we could minimise the client during champ select and ALL client sounds would mute, then when it was time to champ, the client would pop up. * Second thing about the sound, champion pick lines. I'm currently hearing champion lines when they get banned, whether its mine, my team's or enemy team's. And I'm also hearing my own champion when selecting them, idm this one but I dont wanna hear all champion lines while they are getting banned. * Thirdly on sound, there are 3 sliders in the client settings menu under the sound tab, SFX volume, Client Music Volume, Champion Selection Music Volume, none of which control the volume the champions say their lines. I can turn down champ music volume all the way down until its pretty much muted, no music heard then the champion says their line too loudly. I don't wanna hear it, and I can't even turn down their volume

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