The BE gain is not as bad as you think

tl;dr As everyone says you get less BE per game, but you actually get more BE per day --- Before you bash me please let me explain. The most common arguments I have seen are the following: - You get low BE gain for the games you played - It takes too many games to level up - You don't get BE after each game; if you are 50 BE short for a champion you are forced to play many games These arguments seem to make alot of sense, since we are used to grinding from the old system. You do need to play alot of games, even to get a bit of BE. Yet all of these arguments are missing one key thing that makes it alright: The first win of the day bonus (I will call it FWOTD bonus from now on). You see, since you need alot of games to gain little XP, the value of your BE goes down the more games you play. However if you play less, the value goes up. This is because if you play less, you will get the FWOTD bonus more often. If you play 10 games on one day, you get the FWOTD once, while if you play 1 game per day for 10 days, you get it 5 times(considering you have a 50% winrate). Even though in both situations the player played the same amounts of games, in the second situation the player gets more XP out of their games, the value of BE goes up. What we can see from this is the following: Playing many games per day wont get you far. However, playing multiple days one after the other will give you more BE for less games played. Note that I have not many numbers for BE so following calculation can be a bit off. Also I played alot of ARAM, which affects the data. In my last 50 games before patch 7.22, these are my results: - Games won: 22 - Games lost: 28 - Days played (not considering the days I didn't played): 7 - IP gained: 5187 - Average IP gained per game: 104 - Average IP gained per day: 741 All games I have played this patch: - Games won: 17 - Games lost: 7 - Reached level: 32 (30+2) - Days played: 2 - BE gained (through disenchanting champion shards): 1920 - Average BE gained per game: 80 - Average BE gained per day: 960 As we can see, like everyone says I got less average BE per game than before. However, I got **more** average BE per day. Just as I said, the value per game went down. But the total amount of BE you gain per day went up. --- --- --- You may say I've been lucky, I won many more games than I lost. You are right, fine, winstreaks happen. Then please consider following calculations: You needed around 4700 XP to level up from level 30 to 32. If you would have a 50% winrate, gaining 146 xp per win (788 XP from FWOTD) and 130 XP per loss (all numbers are average xp gains/losses from my matchhistory), then we can consider following: 4700 = d \* 788 +((x / 2) - d)) \* 146 + (x / 2) \* 130 d=days played and x=games played If we now set d to int values, we have a equation that we can solve for x to get the number of games needed to reach 4700 xp. Let's compute how many games it takes to reach level 32: |Days|||Games |:-:|||:-:| |1|||30 |2|||25 |3|||20 |4|||15 |5|||11 As we can clearly see, if you spread out your games played over multiple days, the actual games you need to play goes down drasticly. And if we assume that you get 1920 BE like in the example above, then we can add more to our recent table: |Days|||Games|||Average BE per game|||Average BE per day| |:-:|||:-:|||:-:|||:-:| |1|||30|||64|||1920 |2|||25|||77|||960 |3|||20|||96|||640 |4|||15|||128|||480 |5|||11|||174|||384 Now what we can see from this is, that the the value of BE per days go down the less games you play per day. But that actually increases the average value of BE per game. --- --- --- So what does all of this tell us? Well, everyone who complaints actually is right: You get less BE per game than before, when you play alot of games. #However the amount of BE you gain per day actually increased. This means that the games themselves don't really matter. It matters a little if you play 1 game per day or 100, but if you play consistantly day after day, you will gain far more BE than you got IP in the past. Don't forget that. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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