Making all languages aviable in all regions

I dont get why we are restricted to choose only out of a few languages on each server. In our current globalized world i would recommend to make it possible to choose every already existing languages on every server since there are people who moved to other parts of the world and still want to have their client and/or VO in their native languages instead of being forced to use only the aviable languages. As far as my understanding of pragramming goes it would be easier for maintance if all server would have imbeded all languages as aviable since every system would be the same, too. I would like to see this option in the client since i already saw a lot of other threads on this and other sites and not one satisfying answer to it. P.S.: I dont want to add the chat in this cause i already see far too often on this EUW-Server that people tand to ignore the fact that not everyone understand their language and still only talk portugese, spain, polish, russian, turky etc. and still only use it even after getting asked to speak english over 20 times.
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