Moving gold from a champion to a champion during the rift

Hello. Really love your game, thank you very much. I have an idea for an improvment for the game, gold transfer during the rift. A champion can transfer some gold to other champion at the cost of 75% of the gold. Lets say we're at the start of Summoners Rift, everyone starts up with 500 gold, and 4 champions transfer gold to adc, 75% of 500 gold is 375, so 375x4+500=2000 gold, that's a BF sword + 2 components of Zeal. Can go quite interesting, does the team give the gold to adc to hope to get a snowball off of that? do you give it to the jungler so he can help you win your lane with gankes? do you split it to 2 champions? I didn't see where I could submit it since it isn't an issue, just an idea. Thank you! (How about mana steal items? like Vampiric Spectator for mana?).
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