resolution issues with the new client

so I'm having a few problems with the new client... If it's relevant, I'm playing on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (not optimal for gaming, I know...), screen resolution 2160x1440, 12" display. As you can see in the screen shots provided in the bottom, the client window is far too big for my screen, and you can't "pull the corners" to make it smaller. Also, please compare picture 2) & 3). In picture 3), I've moved the client window slightly to the left. As you can see, the client does not continue outside of my screen, but is simply "cut off". While I can log on (the username/password boxes are just barely clickable) it is not optimal. I hope that some kind of fix to this comes before the client leaves the beta, as the new client is so good looking I would love to see all of it when I open it up to play ;) Cheers Fluxinator7000 Screenshots: 1) 2) 3)
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