Player Views on New League (BETA) Client

> Let's create one place to have player views on the new BETA Client, we will have a better chance of giving constructive feedback to RIOT. **Con** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Harder for new players to learn _(In my view)_ * Runes (_removed listed statistic description for icons with numbers_) * Extremely slow _(In my view)_ * Smaller text size * No item sets yet * No weekend game mod yet * In the game queue (_can't see who cancelled until disband - also wish the loader circle could change red so you know it's disbanded immediately._) **Pro** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Visually an upgrade for sure! * New game selection screen looks great _(but... extra clicks to start the game?)_ * New Menu Structure _(Collection and Profile split)_ * You can set the resolution * Improved single chat window * I prefer its home screen and news layout **Feature Request** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * @hellstity 'wish there was a single button for **summoners rift - blind pick **on the home page. * @dfsghj 'owned skin page at the collection menu' > This is my start - you should reply to this and share your views / bugs and ill add them to the list? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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