Champion select takes too long

We all want to use our time well. A game of LoL might take between 20-45 mins average i would say. To be sure you need to have at least 1 hour of time to play 1 game. Now when you choose to squeeze a game in because you have like an hour time or you take the whole day to climb you want to be able to start with the game already. On the lower ranks the queue time isn't really the problem since its only 1-5 mins most of the time. But it still takes too long before you can start the game. I think on average you see 5 dodges and 5 declines before a game starts, costing almost 20-30 minutes of your time just to get into a game. Therefore you need not 1 hour to play 1 game but 1,5 hours for 1 game which is insane and should be adressed by Riot. Either punish dodges harder or make the champ select take shorter time because this is driving me nuts. Specially when you have 3 times your main role 2 times your 2nd-role and then when there are no dodges you have the autofill support role. You accept your fate and go support and your team sucks losing so 1 sided with no chance in 20 minutes making the matchmaking/champselect take longer than the game itself.
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