Banning your teams champion

Ok, so like everyone here knows, you can declare your champion in ranked/blind pick before the banning time. I main Teemo, so a lot of the times when I get top and choose him he gets banned, when i dont choose him he gets banned. Ok that enemy team bans him, but people on my team who see me try to play him ban him which leads to me having to play a champ that i dont know that well. And its not just me, ive seen this happen sm. People see someone declaring something they dont like so they ban them, even though when i look at their profile later, they have been pretty good with the chmp. This eventually leads to someone losing their lane because someone took the right to ban a champion a teammate can play. Why is this a thing? I used to think when I saw that declaring a champion is possible, that you cant ban your teams picks. This happen too much and I believe RIOT should change this so your own team couldnt ban your champion. I find it a problem that in lower ranks causes me and my team to lose a lot of the games.
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