The end of Microsoft and Dx12 and the rise of Linux and Vulkan

A short background. Vista came out and I refused to upgrade from Windows XP, the former was buggy and awful to say the least so I looked elsewhere. Unfortunately Linux didn't have the one thing that Microsoft used to dangle in our faces. Its coveted DirectX and the library of games and support behind it. So I stayed but then came the W8 debacle which I easily brushed away like a spec of dust as W7 was glorious at this point. Shortly after W10 came out, MS was out encouraging (or even forcing) people to upgrade so they can enjoy Dx12 as no other previous versions will have it. W10 is a repackaged turd and not worth the upgrade. Here I find myself in this de ja vu, the groundhog day that I have to relive because someone at Microsoft doesn't care about desktop users so they have to force their tablet friendly piece of crap so I started soul searching again and praying that someone out there who felt the same but with more brains created something that was better and boy was I surprised. In comes Vulkan, an API designed from ground up to handle multiple GPU and multi core CPU set ups with ease and so far results show it handles game on par or even better than Dx12. Guess what, that's not even the best part, Vulkan runs on Android, Linux, Tizen, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 (third party support for iOS and macOS is also available). Vulkan was born from AMD's Mantle API and the result is nothing but a glorious middle finger to Microsoft and their horrible mistreatment of their loyal desktop costumers. Once the support for W7 is over in 2020, Linux and Vulkan will be the new thing. Here's the big question: Will we ever see LoL support? Dota2 and along with many other big games and developers have all started testing and supporting it but again it is still a young project hence the wait till 2020. Dota 2 already has a working client, Star Citizen has stopped developing for their directx version and focused on Vulkan.
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