Bring back Jimmy Riot. (Flex 4 man queue.)

Hi my name is Aggressive Hoofd and I'm level 56 on EU-West. I play this game with three other friends and they are my best buddies in the whole world. We practiced together, we leveled together and even slayed noobs together. And we were pretty pumped about the new season changes in 2016 and the new queue system. But you see, me and my friends, we kinda had a little falling out... We hit level 30, you know, we headed out to the brand new queue system, where you could easily choose between all the different gametypes with an amazing and simple overview. Where we would go to 'competitive mode'. Oh that was our favorite gamemode. We gathered all of us four together in the lobby because we had to discuss which roles we were going to play, you know, being a top-, mid or botlaner. And then, when we finally figured it all out, we were about to queue. But we couldn't queue with 4 players. I mean we already had been playing ranked games with 4 players in the past. So we were astonished we couldn't queue with all of us together anymore. We had to leave one friend (Jimmy) out of this... But that didn't made any sense! So naturally Jimmy went to the LoL website, looked up patch notes about the new 'competitive' queue mode. And he turns to me and he goes: 'dude, we can't queue with 4 players anymore.' And o my f*cking god did I say: 'WTF!!!????!!111!1!!!', so fast you had no idea. So anyway, as we were really excited to play, we kinda went into the queue without him (Jimmy). But when the queue popped up, bam, Jimmy caught us. He saw what we did and he walks right up to me and o he was pissed. He was like: 'What the hell man, are you queueing without me?!'. And I said: 'I wasn't going to do it, I was just trying it out man!'. So it got pretty bad between us.. So finally, my two friends and me queued for a game - the queue popped - we were on champ select and guess what, Jimmy noticed it.. And he was like: 'don't do it Hoofd, DON'T DO IT HOOFD!' , the loading screen popped up and BAM (that loading screen pissed off Jimmy), he was just like 'GRMBL!'... And then he did it... He pulled out the plug right on the spot! He was there and then he dissapeared. He just probably like kicked his computer over, I don't even know. And I never saw him again. That was the last of Jimmy. A week later, you know, I sent his mom a chat in game :Hey Mrs. Jimmy! Um, where's Jimmy been?' She sent me the triple dot. (the triple dot.. Always bad news) And slowly I had to wait and then she said.. I can't believe she said it.. She said: 'he's playing Dota.' So as you can see, the new queue system.. broke up the friendship of me and my best friend. And as long as this queue system exists, Jimmy isn't coming back. But maybe you can bring Jimmy back? Yours sincerely Aggressive Hoofd
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