Still not fixed lag spikes going over 8000 ms ... i was able to shot with my phone ping over 1400...

I was to slow to screen shot better to show what kind of lag spikes i have for at least last month..Idk what is a problem with server my comp or internet is for sure not problem because i have state jitter and ping 16ms... So in game maybe around 40 ms its maxing i got for so many time years tbh but last 2 patches and this new live client where they update everything on the fly and not when they shut down servers it's starting to annoy me alot ...Game is unplaable evern in coop mode because you are moving like FLASH one moment in 1 place second you die or you are low hp not knowing what happend..... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} I am so tilted angry and tbh considering to stop playing the game until they fix this problem...Its not only me its alot of other players who are talking and spaming how much they ping have during the games.. Do you even know that you servers have this much problem with lag spikes??????

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