Please Riot, make the winter map optional!

A lot of people asked for a winter map. Im not one of them. I hate winter. I always did and I always will. When outside is a snowy hell atleast I can enjoy some leage in the spring environment that is summoners rift. And ill absolutely hate it if I have to deal with winter both irl and in league. And im not the only one. Quite a bit of my friends share my oppinion as well. When riot updated the map in season 4 they also implemented new music which I was not a bih fan of. The fantastic thing was that you can choose between the new and the old music as you please, making the experience enjoyable for everyone. Im really happy as I much prefer the old game music and still use it to this day. It would be really cool if we can do the same thing with the map. Everyone who likes it can enjoy the snowy fairy tale, while everyone who hates winter can just enjoy the old map and do their best to escape the winter. Please Riot, make this happen
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