Just a small improvement

http://i.imgur.com/pXu3768.png It is just weird, that noone has talked about or mention this as necessity. People with many accounts or who play on more than one server could use just this simple button. It logs you out from your current client and goes back to login screen. It isn't a huge improvement, but it could save just a couple of seconds of your worth time **NOTE:** _Maybe my example of multiple acounts wasn't good, but this could be used in some very small tournaments, to save those couple of seconds or in internet cafes also to save time, even for those who need to go away for a couple of minutes and they know that they will get back to play some more, so they just log out. My suggestion wasn't meant for abuse, but for saving time. This could also help for slow computers, for example, on my old laptop, this new league client would open only after minute or minute and half, and if there would be an option like this, this would have saved me even couple of minutes._
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