Error 183: Failed To Create Dumb File.

Recently i had this issue in champ select, every 4-5 games in champ select the clients freezes. And then a error message coming up "Error: 183 Failed To Create Dump File" and the game "restarts" and im back in the lobby or on my way into the game, if i have already lockd in my pick theres no problem. But theres just a question of time until i got the error when its my time to lock in bcus i dont want leavebuster and it will ruin for everyone in that game. I googled it and searched around to see if there was any solutions. I only found discussions that was like 6-8 month old. And alot of people had problem with it but no solutions. I had never this problem before but now it happens me more often. Pls does someone know how to fix this now 6-8 months later? And please riot, if your client does'nt get any better pls change it back. Alot of people have issues with the new client and its not getin better. Please fix this game riot!!!!!! (Didnt found any discussion about this object, if it is. Please forgive me)
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