Tips for improvement + How do I switch back? bots?

Ok first of all I don't really like the new beta client, the static bar on the right is usefull, but everything in the middle is downscaled and looks terrible. An easy fix for this, expand the client width with the size of the friends bar. Also make it more recognisible when a friend is online, exc. The current size of the letters is simply too small. In the ''Play'' tab I would reccomend to make the user choise more recognisable too. 9 pixels to mark my choise for a game just isn't enough. Make some shading for example or a border, you sure can find a solution. You probably already catched my point, but the upper ''taskbar'' buttons also need to be more recongnisable, since their letters have almost no difference to the normal ones. **(Bald maybe?)** Now back to my problems. First of all, in the custom games of the new client, I can't find an option to add bots. Neither can I join other peoples custom games. You would probably reccomend to switch to the old client, but here comes my bigger problem. When I start the game from the old client and press launch, the new beta login screen comes. If someone could give me solution, that would be great.
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